Articles tagged "life"

The Littlest Development Device: Follow Up

2 min read

As promised, I have returned to post a follow up to my article last month. In it, I ask if the GPD Pocket computer can be used as a development machine and, if so, what the experience is like. Well, first thing on the table: It actually works. I...

The Littlest Development Device?

2 min read

Do you remember back in the day when “netbooks” were all the rage? Those mini-laptops from the late 2000s that compromised computing power for a small form factor and a competitive price tag? I just recently re-entered that world with the GPD...

A Big Shift

2 min read

No, I haven’t forgotten about this blog. In fact, I plan on experimenting a bit more with it than in the past – perhaps you might find it useful or interesting, for some strange reason. A number of interesting things have happened during the...

New Year, New Blog, New Goals

4 min read

A new year has come; 2014 is gone and 2015 is here. Just like the old year has been retired, I’ve decided to retire my old website and bring an entirely new redesign live. Now I am not really into the whole “New Years Resolution” concept, but...