A Big Shift

No, I haven’t forgotten about this blog. In fact, I plan on experimenting a bit more with it than in the past – perhaps you might find it useful or interesting, for some strange reason. A number of interesting things have happened during the last several months, so this is a catch-all dump of most of those things. Since I suck at introductory paragraphs, let’s just get on with it already.

No more college

College is no more for me. Education was never very joyous for me despite being rather decent at it, so my game plan to get through college was to work my butt off and graduate with a bachelor of science degree in computer science in only three years. This is not common at all in the United States; some take five or more years to earn a bachelor’s degree. I stuck to it, and my efforts paid off when I graduated in May this year. There may be a day when I share here my thoughts and experiences on higher education, but it is not this day.

New job

Yep, I have a new job (finally!) and I am thoroughly enjoying it so far. I was hired by Widen Enterprises shortly before graduation, and went to work very soon after with a two week break. We make some pretty neat web-based stuff, and the various tech stacks being used have some variety, which is a good way to keep myself on my toes and keep learning new things. Primarily we use Java, so you can probably expect some Java-specific rants from me in the future.

Change of pace

For a few different reasons, I’ve decided to take life a bit slower so that I have time to smell the roses. That means no working on open-source projects at a breakneck pace. I still love open-source, but I’d rather spend more deep-quality time learning and experimenting with things myself than filling up GitHub with more unmaintained weekend projects. We’ll see about getting more involved in the community side of things.

On a related note…

Bigger fish

This isn’t quite related to the subjects above, but hey, I like talking about my ideas and this is my blog. Here are some of the big ideas I’m experimenting with and implementing in code in my spare time:


What conclusion? What are you, an English professor?


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