Articles tagged "php"

Dumb Reasons to Hate PHP

8 min read

PHP just recently celebrated its 25th anniversary since it was first introduced, which is quite the achievement, considering it still powers a large slice of the Internet today. I don’t write much PHP anymore myself as I’ve more or less moved on...

What Are Coroutines? - Promises in PHP Survey Results

6 min read

Hello again! As promised, I am back with this post to share with you the results of my survey about Promises in PHP, as described in my previous post. If you want to download a copy of the results, scroll to the bottom of this post where I have a...

Should We Be Using Promises in Async PHP?

3 min read

I’d like to talk briefly about a new survey that I’m trying to distribute. It’s nothing amazing, just a really short poll to try and help me gage people’s opinions using Promises for handling asynchronous code. Let me explain why this survey...

Integrating Guzzle 6 Asynchronous Requests with ReactPHP

9 min read

One of my current “toy” side-projects at the moment is a better PHP API client for Slack. There are a handful of incomplete ones already on Packagist, but I decided to add another one to the list anyway. It uses Guzzle for making regular API...

Using Sass in PHP Projects

4 min read

If you have been paying attention to developments in the web development community recently, you probably know what CSS preprocessors are. If not, I would encourage you to check them out and play around with them. I understand they aren’t for...