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Introducing cHTTP; or, Why Pure Rust Is Not A Worthy Goal

4 months ago under rust

Friends, today I have two messages to share with you. The first is to introduce to you a new library for the Rust language that I have poured some of my tea-powered energy into, so that you may be informed of its purpose and design. The second is...

Embedded vs. External Web Servers

10 months ago under webdev

Firstly, Twitter's 140 character limit is too short for sharing thoughts longer than one or two sentences. I regularly question my development practices and sharing my internal debates is a good way for me to analyze the arguments, but I tend to...

Farewell Disqus

1 year ago under web development

You might notice a fresh look down below in the comments. That's because I am no longer using Disqus to host comments on.

A Big Shift

1 year ago under life

No, I haven't forgotten about this blog. In fact, I plan on experimenting a bit more with it than in the past -- perhaps you might find it useful or interesting, for some strange reason. A number of interesting things have happened during the last...

Iterators Are Awesome

2 years ago under architecture

Iterators are awesome. Maybe you've heard this before and already are an iterator master, but for a surprisingly large number of programmers, the term "iterator" is a scary term that reminds you of your confusing Software Engineering class...

My Favorite Programming Fonts

2 years ago under workflow

As a programmer, I spend a lot of time working on the computer. Most of my time spent developing involves using an IDE, text editor, or the terminal. Even when I'm not writing code, I work with text a lot, like writing this article, for example.

What Are Coroutines? - Promises in PHP Survey Results

2 years ago under php

Hello again! As promised, I am back with this post to share with you the results of my survey about Promises in PHP, as described in my previous post. If you want to download a copy of the results, scroll to the bottom of this post where I have a...

Should We Be Using Promises in Async PHP?

2 years ago under php

I'd like to talk briefly about a new survey that I'm trying to distribute. It's nothing amazing, just a really short poll to try and help me gage people's opinions using Promises for handling asynchronous code. Let me explain why this survey is...

Integrating Guzzle 6 Asynchronous Requests with ReactPHP

2 years ago under php

One of my current "toy" side-projects at the moment is a better PHP API client for Slack. There are a handful of incomplete ones already on Packagist, but I decided to add another one to the list anyway. It uses Guzzle for making regular...

New Year, New Blog, New Goals

3 years ago under life

A new year has come; 2014 is gone and 2015 is here. Just like the old year has been retired, I've decided to retire my old website and bring an entirely new redesign live. Now I am not really into the whole "New Years Resolution" concept,...

Designing Color Palettes Better with Gpick

3 years ago under web design

When you are designing a website, colors are your bread and butter. Layout, balance, and organization are all important, but if your colors are bland, flashy, or poorly coordinated, then all your work will have been for naught. This applies to pretty...

Using Sass in PHP Projects

3 years ago under php

If you have been paying attention to developments in the web development community recently, you probably know what CSS preprocessors are. If not, I would encourage you to check them out and play around with them. I understand they aren’t for...